Together with Yujie Feng, Hester Zhang and Si Zuo, we design a game theory course suitable for undergraduate students who are interested in economics or business. Though the course has never been offered, is has been approved by the Johnson School at Cornell.

Course Description

NBA6950 Game Theory and Business Strategy is an elective course for both the one-year and two-year MBA programs at Cornell University. I have served as a Teaching Assistant (TA) The main goal of this course is to enable students to apply the tools of game theory to analyze decision problems in business fields such as strategy, finance, marketing, and operations. We will learn (i) the fundamentals of game theory through numerous examples; (ii) how to recognize a variety of business problems to which game theory can be applied and (iii) how to analyze these problems like a game theorist. This course is designed for students who have had no exposure or limited exposure to game theory and wish to learn it through an intuitive and less technical approach. We will focus on applications and intuitions over the formal theory, while teaching the basic concepts to facilitate discussions . Students are expected to have taken Introductory Microeconomics (ECON 1110 at Cornell). There will be some mathematical computations using high-school algebra. Calculus is not required.


Please email me if you are interested in taking a look at the syllabus.