I spent six years in Ithaca to pursue my PhD. It is really beautiful and peaceful. Here are some places in Ithaca area that I visit repeatedly.

Outdoor and Hiking

Robert H. Treman state park @

Buttermilk @

Stewart Park @

Cornell Lab of Ornithology @

F. R. Newman Arboretum @


Johnson museum on Cornell campus @


Fittnell barbecue @

Bakery from Wide Awake Bakery @

Fried Chiken from Silo Food Truck @

Farmer’s market: Cambodian and burrito @

Kimchi @

Fine dining

Mercato bar and kitchen @

Antler’s @

Dano’s @

Northfolk @ sadly they are closing soon…


Gimme coffee @

Press coffee @


Bar Aargos: @

Spa and resort

Inn’s of Aurora @


Sheldrake Point Winery @

Atwater Vineyards, LLC @

South Hill cider @

Places to live

I lived in three places in total during my 6 years of stay in Ithaca. If you’re relocating to Ithaca, they are all decent places that you may consider.

1, Rabco apartment. Very close to campus, but a bit old.

2, Maplewood apartment. Relatively close to campus. Newly built. Only for graduate student.

3, Warrenwood apartment. Far from campus. Great if you have a car. Very nice community. Spacious.