The website that you see is folked from Pascal Michaillat .

When I started building my website, I started by searching on Github repository for a suitable template to build my personal website. After some initial research, I decided to go with the Hugo Academic page. With a few rounds of trials and errors, I soon realized that its latest version had limited customization options and felt too restrictive for my needs. Thus, I began another round of searching, hoping to find a better fit. After some time, I came across the elegant website template created by Pascal. It had a minimalistic design and was specifically tailored for those in the academic field. Despite having no prior experience in website building, I found it easy to understand and use. Please see the following two paragraphs written by Pascal that best describes the template:

The source code to this website is publicly available as a template repository, so anyone can generate a new repository with the same directory structure and files, and quickly create their own academic website. The code might also be helpful to anyone who wishes to recreate specific features of this website.

The website is built with Hugo. The design is based on the PaperMod theme. The design is minimalist so the website is easy to navigate, fast to load, and easy to maintain, and especially so the focus is on the research and teaching material.

Different from Pascal, I host the website on Netlify.